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ChipAndPin III

Leaflet Front
Leaflet Back
I've picked up this leaflet from Tesco about ChipAndPin. Their implementation appears not-bad, but I dislike some of their leaflet-wording. For instance "If your card is lost or stolen, your PIN can't be forged" and "A PIN is impossible for someone else to guess.", both of which are; to my mind; wrong.

"PIN number" appears five times on the flyer.

Also, I'm wondering how much their "Helpful security tips" reduce the available number space (and therefore make it easier to guess PINs), particularly since their advice might be different to that of one's bank.

They also appear to be trying to blame till operators for credit card fraud, which is something that I feel that they shouldn't, as a business, do to their own employees; even if it might be justified.

Still, I'll give Tesco 8 out of 10 for the attempt.
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