September 29th, 2004

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2004/09/29 23:31:00 - Rods, Sayles, Dance games, Cellular and Cycling
Yesterday I went to Mackays; the local hardware shop for some Drain Rods. After a certain amount of searching, and some asking, I found them, but they were rather longer than I expected, and didn't have the brushy ends that </a></b></a>emperor had lead me to expect. After a brief consultation with </a></b></a>emperor by borg we arranged that I'd buy them anyway, and try to cycle with them as far as work from whence he would collect them subsequently. They made cycling rather interesting; because they magnified the effect of any wobble on stability.

Anyway, he did pick them, up today and subsequently got our recalcitrant drain unblocked. Yay!

On my way into town out of work today I went past the new Robert Sayles shop on Burleigh Street. I'd been past it on the way to work (being lazy and getting a Green Cowley Road Park And Ride Bus from the Grafton Centre (Wednesday's Late Night Shopping)) and noticed them preparing to cut the literal Red Tape for the (presumably 9am) opening. So, I thought I'd pop in and have a look around. The stock's better laid out than the old stores; but there appears to be a shortage of exits and stairs (IMLE). Also, I wonder about the wisdom of putting Toys on the 3rd (and top) floor...

Oh, and incidently, </a></b></a>fluffymormegil (and any other interested parties), Games Workshop's new (moved) shop appears to be opposite Robert Sayles on Burleigh Street.

I then had dinner in the Free Press as is my typical want for food if I'm on my own on an evening and in town; and wandered off to the new leisure area in the Cattle Market which includes the Cineworld Cinema, where I wanted to be.

I had some time to kill, so I popped into the Bowling Alley to play on one of their Arcade Machines. It's one of those Dancing Game ones, like DanceDanceRevolution. Basically you have four hotspots on the platform, marked ⇐, ⇑, ⇒ and ⇓ and you have to hit those when arrows on the screen reach a particular point. It's a little harder than that sounds; and quite fun. I played one game before the film and one after; and suspect that an early morning Saturday trip may be in order :-).

The film I went to see was Cellular, a surprisingly good brainless thriller; with more plot twists than I expected. Good fun.

Then after all this, I had to cycle home. Multimap reckons about 5 miles; but I think the straight-through-town route cuts half-a-mile off that; maybe. Still I did most of it in gear 3/5 (out of 3/6), and by the time I got home I'd taken both jacket and hoodie off because of overheating. I'd also got knocked on the head by my front wheel after trying to debug a strange noise (successfully!).

Oh, then </a></b></a>emperor and I loaded the dishwasher and did some washing up.
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userinfo robinbloke
2004/09/30 00:35:08
Nice little touch with the "IMLE" how you do the html for the popup for that?
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userinfo king_of_wrong
2004/09/30 01:07:06
You could just look at the source...

<acronym title="In My Limited Experience">IMLE</acronym>
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userinfo robinbloke
2004/09/30 01:36:32
Well, yes, I could. But I could ask and strike up a potential conversation about the sheer joy, excitement and wonder that is HTML.

Hmmm, okay, I should of checked the code.
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2004/09/30 01:25:59
I think mormegil is in fact fluffymormegil.

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userinfo fluffymormegil
2004/09/30 02:00:29
This is correct.
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userinfo senji
2004/09/30 02:05:30
One of these days I might even remember...
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userinfo atreic
2004/09/30 07:38:47
/me looks at drain

/me is impressed
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Rods, Sayles, Dance games, Cellular and Cycling - Squaring the circle...

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