September 23rd, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/09/23 21:46:00 - Number Plates
On my way into town from Work today I saw a van with the numberplate SCOT.K; or at least I thought I did. On closer inspection (about 3 metres) it actually said S6OTK.

I thought non-standard plates like that were illegal nowadays?
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userinfo yrieithydd
2004/09/23 13:54:59
I believe they've always been illegal. It's never stopped it in the past. My opinion is well -- if it's non-standard it sticks in my memory more, so if they do something silly ...
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userinfo alfvaen
2004/09/23 14:34:41
They're illegal in the UK? They're certainly legal in Canada, and probably in the U.S. as well; we call them "vanity plates". I've been collecting them for a while now.

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userinfo senji
2004/09/23 14:37:50
vanity plates are legal; but plates that are actually one thing (S6OTK) but look like another (SCOT.K); or have particularly unusual letter-shapes etc aren't; as I understand it.
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userinfo king_of_wrong
2004/09/23 16:04:16
vanity plates are legal

Within certain restrictions - confusable characters like O and I are removed from the possible letters - and it must fit a pattern used as a number plate (rather than N arbitrary characters). But... yeah.

OTOH, driving around with holes drilled in one's exhaust - or holes formed by rust - is an MOT failure and the police are quite within their rights to stop and fine a driver for having "an unroadworthy car". They don't seem to, given how prevalent chavcars are.
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userinfo brrm
2004/09/24 00:26:33
Until the new form number plates came in (AB 02 ABC), the only restrictions were on letter size, spacing, etc. People took liberties with this, e.g. weird-shaped numbers to look like letters, or illegible fonts like brushscript - the worst I remember seeing was a 7 with its top bar so curved that it looked like a y. To try and prevent this, the new number plate system specifies not only spacing etc, but also a particular font that must be used.
Also, number plate suppliers must now be registered, which probably helps.
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Number Plates - Squaring the circle...

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