September 17th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/09/17 21:42:00 - Expectations
A couple of days ago I wrote Does anyone have the number of a good Directory Enquiries service?; a slighly wibbly "state of mind" piece on blogs. All well and good.

Strangely though, I've since been finding myself slightly disappointed that I haven't had someone pop up with a solution, or indications that a solution might be forthcoming. Somehow I've come, even in a small way, to see livejournal/blogging as a place to come for answers.

I'm not sure what this indicates....
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userinfo arnhem
2004/09/17 14:20:08
There's a bunch of researchers around the place who are gently pursuing the idea of autonomous dedicated search agents, that gently pick apart your daily use of computers, and, like a cross between a butler and a chat-in-the-pub, dig around, snoop, and generally try to be helpful, and every so often pop up a little window saying "I thought you might be interested in ...".

Googling on 'autonomous intelligent search agents' is a first stab at finding this kind of thing.
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userinfo mewo2
2004/09/17 14:40:54
Of course, what we really need is for these things to poke about and find people who'd be interested in using them. Otherwise we all have to think to google for 'autonomous intelligent search agents'...
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userinfo ewx
2004/09/17 14:36:25 - usenet counterfactual?
There is no good directory enquiries service.
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userinfo senji
2004/09/17 17:18:51 - Re: usenet counterfactual?
That was kinda my conclusion...
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