September 14th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/09/14 09:21:00 - SGO radio
Man in Hi-Vis jacket...and finally, customers at the Regent Street Pizza Express in Cambridge were surprised to notice a man in a hi-vis jacket stealing all the water from the restaurant and spilling it out all over the street.

According to witnesses at the scene the restaurant staff were ...somewhat put out... by the affair, but ...continued to provide their usual service levels... despite the fuss.

And now over to Trish for the Travel and Weather.

Thanks Alan; reports are coming in of a nose-to-tail traffic jam building up between Impington and Girton, and indeed every other pair of villages around Cambridge. Our digitus impudicus fault diagnostic system suspects that this may be the result of problems on the A14. On the bright side; traffic on the A10 is reported to be ...flowing freely...; possibly for the first time in living memory.
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userinfo sion_a
2004/09/14 01:55:53
problems on the A14

Specifically at the Girton interchange according to one national traffic report I heard this morning. Quite how this translated into what appeared to be jamming up Northampton Street eastbound I've no idea. If that was actually Chesterton Road backing up, then we probably had a circular traffic jam, since Victoria Road through Mount Pleasant to Northampton Steet was solid.
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userinfo senji
2004/09/14 01:57:47
Also, Milton interchange is still closed Westbound after last night's maintanence work; and there are reports of a further accident near Bar Hill.
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userinfo kaet
2004/09/14 03:56:54
Histon Road is very very busy today too.
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