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Not a punt party

Was fun. Got to see Tom and Tim and Rachel and Kirsteen again (the York bunch), whom I'd missed by not going to 'FebFest'. It wasn't a punt party, but York is good anyway, so that was OK.

Cambridge were mad as usual, but as usual not much madder than everyone else present :).

Since I've got back I've caught up on lj and mail and done some silly quiz thingies.

You're an extremely smart creature, though very modest. You often underestimate yourself, crediting others with more intelligence than yourself, and you sometimes find yourself apologising for no%2
"The ice-man, cometh... It is making certain
parts of little me rather numb"

Which Magic Roundabout Character Are You?
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Gray Ajah
-- Gray Ajah --

What's your Ajah?
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The second one of those didn't surprise me too much.
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