September 10th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/09/10 09:33:00 - Message from damerell I/II
I just got a message from damerell who is on a tandem-cycling-holiday from Lands-End to John-O-Groats.

Hello from 6 days in to the End to 
End. My image of gentle progress 
rather spoilt by hills. Beer 
however extra nice after long 

So there we go. "Hills irritating, Beer still nice" :).
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userinfo aldabra
2004/09/10 01:44:22
I think I would have gone John-O-Groats to Land's End, in order to have hills negatively correlated with exhaustion. If I was at all prone to thinking this sort of thing was a good idea in the first place, which I'm not.
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userinfo senji
2004/09/10 01:53:05
damerell seemed to think that the Cornish hills were worse...
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userinfo angua
2004/09/10 01:55:16
They are!

I think my sister freaked him out about 15 miles from Lands End when she pulled over to them as they were stopped at the side of the road and asked 'Are you mates of Karen?'

(it's Ok, they were staying at my parents house that night but even so..)
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userinfo damerell
2004/09/30 20:25:29
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Message from damerell I/II - Squaring the circle...

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