September 9th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/09/09 17:49:00 - Stuff what I did this morning, with pictures!
I wanted to go to Daily Bread this morning to get some chocolate for claroscuro's lunches. Daily Bread is rather inconveniently placed for any sensible cycle route from Girton to work, and I've got a bus ticket anyway this week; on the other hand I had to take my bike into town since I'll be leaving the pub this evening after the last sensible bus.

So, I cycled down as far as Bridge Street and put my bike in the Park Street Car Park. This is quite a nice innovation; they've turned the rarely used 22-car basement A-level into 'secure' cycle parking (with some cycle lockers, and CCTV cameras).

Access from Bridge Street involves passing through this rather nice frontage:

(following the sign for the "County Court", which is currently moving to East Road, and not cycling; 'cos it'd be (a) unsafe and (b) not allowed)

Behind that frontage though, there's rather more of a melange of architectural styles:

Unfortunately the sun has obscured the top part of the building on the left; which extends out of the above frontage (and is, I believe, the court building). On the left you have the Curry King; in the distance you can just see the (pedestrian) entrance to the car park (another entrance is found on the other side for vehicles). Strangely the court building protrudes slightly over the top of the Curry King, which made me wonder about land rights there...

After having stowed my cycle I returned to Bridge Street and attempted to catch a northbound C1 bus; getting distracted briefly by this poster:

(which I may journal more thoughts about later).

As always the C1 was late and crowded; for some reason this never seems to happen when I don't want to catch it but am instead awaiting a C6...

Leaving Daily Bread, I had planned to walk to work through the Science Park, but got distracted and instead wandered along the Permanent Way of the old Huntingdon Branch-line.

It's rather overgrown.

But there is a path that runs all the way along, mainly in the four-foot of the remaining tracks; although at one point a shrub covers all of the tracks.

If you look closely you can see the sleepers, although the rails appear not to have come out in these photos.

At one point, apparently about here some enterprising person has created a route across the Permanent Way into the Science Park:

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userinfo angelofthenorth
2004/09/09 10:28:42
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userinfo lalajia
2004/09/09 11:41:28
I love old railway lines :)
(love it when they re-open them too!)
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userinfo womble2
2004/09/09 12:57:48
Is this a moblog now, or are you just making a brief demonstration that you have just now become equipped to take horribly exposed pictures any time you want?
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userinfo senji
2004/09/09 14:36:38
I've been so equipped for a while. I just happen to have been waving it around a bit recently :).
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userinfo lockymclean
2004/09/09 17:06:59
Daily Bread r0x0rs.

On the subject of property: Cuius est solum eius est usque ad coelum et ad inferos. Though there might be an easement written into the title.
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Stuff what I did this morning, with pictures! - Squaring the circle...

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