July 14th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/07/14 15:20:00 - Chris Sawyer rides again....

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userinfo sheffers
2004/07/14 07:54:03
Arrgh, just as I break one cycle of addiction, another threatens to start:-)

My baby sister has Rollercoaster Tycoon on her PC (which was my old box which I gave to her). We'd spend four or five hours at a time when I was at home designing theme parks together. It was good sibling bonding. Casino Tycoon is also a lot of fun, but Transport was the original and the best. This promises to be very good.
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userinfo megamole
2004/07/14 08:19:27
Favourite RollerCoaster Tycoon Sadism Moments:

[1] Picking unhappy guests up and dropping them in lakes.
[2] Making the magnetic-induction vertical coaster just *one* section too short at the top; the pause as the thing comes off the rails is just *poetic*.
[3] Creating flux curves without roofs on water slides and watching punters on dinghies fly off into space.
[4] Seeing just *how much* yak a Stand-Up Vertical Coaster can induce.

I'm really proud of my signature coaster part - the Bow Tie. It requires two half loops and a corkscrew then loops round itself twice - just like a bow tie. I'm also v fond of putting two vertical loops at 90 degrees to each other so that one goes through the middle of the other.

Steel Coasters rule. Excitement 6, Nausea 3, anyone?
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