April 18th, 2003

userinfo senji
2003/04/18 16:17:00 - Sunny Summer Friday Afternoon?
Quiet day so far. Went to Wesley's Good Friday morning service, which worked quite well for me. One of the URC clergy gave the sermon, which was a change from Rev. Peter.

Lunch was bread and cheese and meat, in our typical Saturday simple style, but I had to go back to the co-op afterwards 'cos we wanted ice-cream for Banananana Milkshakes, and veg for curry later (which emperor will make to almost-Imperial specifications (our tastebuds have become sensitised to curry since leaving Empire) with my help once I've finished making this entry - it'll take a while to cook!).

Before popping out to the co-op I saw this entry of mhw's, which I mused on while I was shopping. Grr....

Since lunch we've done precious little. claroscuro has just set off to visit Tom in London where they'll be roleplaying - probably including the new White Wolf game.

Later emperor and I will be going to see Shanghai Knights, which promises to be a fun romp. With Jackie Chan!

Anyway, off to make curry.
Current Mood: [mood icon] cheerful
Current Music: tATu: Malchick Gay

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userinfo emperor
2003/04/18 09:17:09
*grin*: it's "Malchick Gay"
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userinfo senji
2003/04/18 09:20:12
Fixed :)

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userinfo of_evangeline
2003/04/18 09:39:56
Love that song. :)

~Marz (mer, Herm on Aparecium)
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