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IM clients

After tracking down another FUCKING BUG in it, and it's another BLOODY IDIOTIC one (and another one where it's not obvious what the correct fix is, either) I've decided that it's an ABSOLUTE PILE OF FOETID WANK. Plus it doesn't seem to do MSN properly.

I think in general, like bletchmail(1) it's a failure of the Bazaar Model of software development.

The client I currently use is centericq(1). The features I appear to need in a client are:

  • Console mode running

  • Runs on Linux

  • Free Software

  • Text based logging; that I can import into CVS

  • Not bitlbee which is just ick

  • Supports ICQ,AIM,Y!M,MSN,Jabber,(GaduGadu)

  • Isn't crap code

Suggestions, anyone?
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