July 9th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/07/09 16:36:00 - The Sleeper
damerell informs me that it's now 2032 and I've slept for the last 28 years in a magic cave.

Apparantly I have to get a frannistan to ward off the grues. These devices use the principle of crossphasic action to bipolarise the grue's natural tendency to precess.

Unfortunately I'm confused. Oh, well, that's life...

Edit: Originally dated 2032/07/09, but changed because that buggered up lj.
Current Mood: [mood icon] confused

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userinfo mobbsy
2004/07/09 08:41:14
Strange. I make it only 1640. I guess I better go and fight some Cavaliers soon.
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userinfo senji
2004/07/12 06:58:54
I'd've thought you'd be more likely to be fighting the Roundheads...
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userinfo ex_lark_asc
2004/07/12 08:11:45
WHS :-)
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userinfo mobbsy
2004/07/12 09:54:05
Tough one. On one hand, bunch of religious nutcases in favour of at least some form of individual rights so long as it doesn't contradict their idea of faith. On the other a bunch of aristocrats with good hair attempting to preserve an unjust hierarchical society on the basis of the Divine Right of kings.

Overall, I think the interregnum was valuable for creating a constitutional reform in the long-run. Cromwell's later behaviour in Ireland was nothing short of barbaric.

Really, I'd just want to skip most of the 17th century. They were very Interesting Times for most of Europe.
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userinfo sheffers
2004/07/13 20:41:09
And land slapbang in the middle of the 18th; I doubt you'd be much better off. The final flowering of the Ancien Regimes, so much the same brand of war and religious/political intolerance, although offset with plenty of debauchery, and the usual mix of poverty and disease in the background. Not to mention the beginnings of colonialism, slavery and Imperial expansion. Not even the tail-end of a Renaissance to give it any redeeming features.
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