July 1st, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/07/01 23:01:00 - University Library question
Does anyone know what the UL's policy on taking your own books into the Library is?
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userinfo sheffers
2004/07/01 15:14:21
I've taken my own copies of the books I've based my thesis on in there plenty of times with narry a stare nor comment from the all-poweful Librarians at the desk as well as books from the Divinity and History libraries. If they can see it doesn't have one of their classmarks on the spine, they probably won't even ask to check it when you exit. I don't even think they have a policy as such other than "They're your books, do with them what you will."
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userinfo vyvyan
2004/07/02 00:50:23
They don't mind. They may conceivably ask to check them as you leave, but that's all. I usually wave mine at the staff as I go out and say, "These are my own," and they seem happy.
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userinfo mobbsy
2004/07/02 03:42:41
Shouldn't that be UL rather than UL?

(Pointless Pedantry 'r' Us)
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userinfo senji
2004/07/02 03:44:23
My friendly Weblogging expert tells me that <abbr> doesn't work properly in IE.
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