By their accessories shall thee know them.

I assume that, somewhere — perhaps nestled in the Square Mile, the serious British City Gent still wears his bowler hat and black umbrella and is well adapted for this weather.

The truth, in Vauxhall and Kings Cross, is more colourful though, with brollies of all shapes, sizes, ears, and colours on view. But by far the most common, and most resourceful, is something I shall dub the "London Umbrella" — a free evening paper clutched over the unhatted head.
dark & stormy

A royal prial of tandems

Earlier today, whilst walking between the Leatherhead office and the station, I saw an unusual enough sight at first glance — two pair of tandems. But what made it noteworthy was that each stoker (rear cyclist) wore a hi-vis jacked marked "BLIND CYCLIST".

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor bane of night

[Yes, I know that's a Gnome Warlock, it seemed a more appropriate alt to have a userpic of for me really]

So, I've been spending a certain amount of time recently playing World of Warcraft, particularly with my Night Elf priest character Luiniel. Well, after a certain amount of guild politics and a rather abortive Kara attempt we finally jumped guild to <The Darkflames> and almost immediately got on a Kara run, and also roped in for Mag's.

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"Family food shop up '£15 a week'" — BBC News

I spotted this article headline over the BBC ticker this morning. Following recent discussions on IRC and elsewhere about innumeracy in BBC reporting and misleading reporting using graphs my eye was drawn to this headline with its unqualified assertion about family food spending. Before loading the article I had visions of some kind of statistical mean family who would be spending an additional £15 each week.
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Going on from here I feel I should complain directly to the BBC, but whilst I've gone through my thoughts in this article it's not entirely coherent or directed. Do you think I should send the BBC a link to this article, or get someone to revise it and turn it into a fairly coherent set of complaints to send to them?